Living from the land and the sea ( Lifað af landsins gæðum )
Theme trip 9 days (Sunday 2 to Monday 10 June 2024)

Iceland is on the edge of the habitable world. Surviving in this sometimes harsh country requires courage and strength, craftsmanship, creativity, adaptability and knowledge of nature. On the other hand, the island and the ocean around it provide almost inexhaustible sources of livelihood: clean water and air, warm water, electricity from hydroelectricity and geothermal energy, space and not to forget fish!

Iceland has only been inhabited for 1,150 years. Vikings exiled from Norway tried their luck here, but barely survived. Around 1900, only a few thousand people lived in the capital Reykjavík, the northernmost capital on earth. Most Icelanders then still lived in the countryside, around 70,000. More than half of the more than 385,000 Icelanders now live in Reykjavík and the surrounding area, the rest sharing the space of a country three times the size of the Netherlands. That enormous revolution took place in the space of two or three generations. Much of the old knowledge and survival strategy has therefore been preserved. Icelanders also know how to adapt perfectly to the long, dark winters and the rapidly and constantly changing circumstances. The life dynamics are great and you notice that everywhere. We must always look for realistic and well-functioning solutions to keep you going here, literally and figuratively! Because the country is regularly ravaged by earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and wind force 12 (and more).

I would like to introduce you to the overwhelming nature of Iceland and the unique people who inhabit the country and who still live largely from what the land and the sea have to offer. This time the travel program focuses specifically on life from the land and the sea, agriculture and fishing.

I have put together an interesting – provisional – program for this trip. I hope that this will excite you and decide to come along. Because not all roads are passable for ‘normal’ passenger cars, we will travel in two or three jeeps (max. four people per car), depending on participation. So there is room for 8 – 12 people. Maybe you would like to be a driver? Traveling with multiple cars has an important advantage: we can split into groups and choose from different day programs.

Got excited? Send a message via the contact form and receive the entire invitation and the provisional program.