Agrimest is a natural mineral blend. It starts important biochemical processes in slurry. AGRIMEST stimulates the growth of micro-organisms like bacteria, which transform organic bound nitrogen into an amonium nitrogen. This implicates: the nitrogen will be saved , and the quality of the slurry improves. The organic bound nitrogen is earlier available  and more uniformly distributed for the plant, in contradiction to organic bound nitrogen.

Improver of manure and slurry

AGRIMEST prevents effectively from scabbing, smell- and ammonia emission, and promotes micro biological processes. Manure treated with AGRIMEST has more energy available for the micro-organisms living in the soil. Manure of pigs, cows and poultry, treated with AGRIMEST is an eminent product to use at your own farm or to sell to agricultural farmers.

It improves your soil!

Lots of soil (clay, sand and peat-soil) has been given bad slurry and too much artificial fertilizer for years. The result is: high mineral losses, an imbalance in the fertility of the soil and a less quality of the products the soil produces.
This is the conclusion of researchers of Wageningen University (The Netherlands). Break through this negative spiral, within a few years you will see the difference.
AGRIMEST helps approaching the original situation of the soil. Treated slurry will stimulate the micro-organisms in the sod of dairy farms and in the ploughed layer of agricultural farms. Thanks to a better working nitrogen and the conservation of it, a significant decrease of art fertilizer is possible!

Inquiry to AGRIMEST

Wageningen University and Research Centre (2006):
Slurry treated with AGRIMEST looses in 56 days only 2,45% N. Non treated slurry looses even 18% N. See subjoined graph.

 Slurry  Nitrogen
% day 0
% day 56
g/kg, dry matter, Day 0
g/kg, dry matter, day 56
Treated with
4,05  3,95 18,25 17,93
Not treated 4,06 3,31 17,95 10,14
Conclusion: Thanks to AGRIMEST, Nitrogen in mineral form stays preserve in slurry.

Van Hall Institute Leeuwarden (The Netherlands) 2006: Research of the grass-land  shows; using  AGRIMEST for several years gives a higher sugar level and a higher crude protein level in the grass. This is beneficial to the feeding value and the digestibility for dairy cows. Besides, the inquiry also confirmed; manure and slurry treated with AGRIMEST stays more liquid, the smell is decreasing, and it contains more ammonium bound Nitrogen. Consider extra subsequent delivering of  ammonium nitrogen from manure!

The benefits of Agrimest on a row:

  • Conservation of nitrogen thanks to ammonium bonding.
  • Decrease of fertilizer utilization
  • The homogeneity of the slurry improves, no scab forming anymore.
  • Decrease of smell and ammonia emission.
  • The nutritive value of grass will increase, thanks to a higher amount of crude protein.
  • The amount of protein which is digestible in the intestines will increase.
  • The composition of the protein in grass will change, this will have a positive effect on the urea level in the milk.
  • Lots of agricultural crops mature much quicker.
  • Cost price decrease  in agricultural farming and in dairy farming.