What is AgriMestMix

AgriMestMix is a natural mineral mixture. It helps to start up important biochemical processes in manure slurry. AgriMestMix stimulates the growth of micro-organisms including bacteria, which convert organic nitrogen into ammonium nitrogen.
Result: nitrogen is retained while the slurry quality improves. The bound ammonium nitrogen is released earlier and more evenly to the crop and works therefor more effectively.

AgriMestMix breeds and promotes the growth of mycorrhiza soil fungus. Mycorrhiza is a useful soil fungus that stick to plant roots.

This creates a kind of network of fine wires that release minerals and pass them on to the plant. This fungus provides (through the cooperation with the roots of the plant) the crop of important nutrients such as minerals, nitrogen and phosphorus. This is the natural way plants can absorb nutrients and water from the soil and promote the growth and vitality of the plant. Mycorrhiza also contributes to a higher resistance of the crop against pathogens in the soil.

Our AgriMestMix also produces Mycorrhiza as an additive for slurry. After application of treated manure on farmland, AgriMestMix activates the fungus to exuberantly grow in the soil. In the picture you can see how the Micorrhiza mold develops with AgriMestMix.

((floating) manure improver

AgriMestMix effectively prevents crusting and odor and ammonia emissions by stimulating microbiological processes. When applied, Manure treated with AgriMestMix makes more energy available for soil life and contains more minerals for the crop. Pig, cattle and poultry manure treated with AgriMestMix is an excellent product for use on your own farm but also a popular product for sales in f.i. arable farming.

Soil repair

The ammomium nitrogen produced in treated manure stimulates stronger rooting and promotes the growth of plants.

Many sand, peat and clay soils have suffered for years from bad slurry and an overdoses of fertilizer. Wageningen UR research shows high mineral losses, imbalance in soil fertility and overall product quality loss. AgriMestMix is a soil improver that can break through this negative spiral. For arable farmers, it is the perfect fertilization, precisely because the nitrogen only becomes available during the growth of the crops.

Less fertilizer needed

AgriMestMix helps to improve the original soil quality again. Treated slurry repairs the soil life in the grass sods of pasture farms and that of arable farmers. Thanks to better usable nitrogen, a significant reduction in fertilizer application is possible.

Myco-Toxin and Candida

AgriMestMix can contribute to the suppression of mold, so that the good bacteria can grow optimally and there is a suppression of bad micro-organisms, including mycotoxin-producing fungi.


The advantages of AgriMestMix for Arable farming:

  • Preservation of nitrogen in manure thanks to ammonia binding.
  • Lesser use of fertilizer and phosphate.
  • The homogeneity of slurry improves: manure is easier to inject.
  • Reduction of odor and ammonia emissions: environmental gain.
  • Preservation of more vitamins and minerals in the crops.
  • Many arable crops ripen faster.
  • Cost reduction in arable farming.

…Analysis shows that there is a shift: the amount of organic nitrogen decreases while the ammonium nitrogen rises. Ammonium nitrogen remains easier in the liquid solution of the treated manure. That is beneficial for soil and crop…

Ammoniacal nitrogen is already released in the growing season…

PHC film: Soil is a living organism


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