Compost-O ensures the aerobic conversion of the biomass. Contained micro-organisms create an oxygen-rich environment and accelerate composting. Compost-O converts anaerobic micro-organisms into aerobic micro-organisms. Compost-O is designed for green waste, but is not suitable for food waste yet.

Composting without ventilation!

Your advantages

  • Organic material is digested without extra air addition

  • Nitrogen leached out less

  • Already in the roots nitrogen is converted into nutrients, this way it is better for cell division strengthening and growing of the roots.

  • Stimulates a better and wider root setting.
  • A more compact and stronger cell structure in the leafs, resulting in higher disease resistance.

Scientifically substantiated

At the moment the Compost-O application is being examined in the project BIOCAS of the Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg. The objective is to get scientifically support and confirmation of practical results.

Farmers say

“We buy green waste coming from ditch sides and add Compost-O to it. The created fertilizer achieves a significant improvement of the soil structure. This vitalized organic matter leads to an active soil life. In addition, our grassland is less sensitive to dryness in summer, reducing the costs of the irrigation system“.

Mts. Wikkerink , Aalten (NL) – 250 Dairy cows– 4 milking robots


Your local Rinagro adviser will be happy to explain the preferred mixing conditions. Get in touch and learn all about Compost-O.


In jerry can, content 10 liters

Do you want to increase the nutrient efficiency of biomass or improve its effect on soil structure in the long term?

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