Who is Rinagro?

Rinagro is an active company continuously working on production and selling of an additive for dung. So, Rinagro is concerned with processing of dung. Our additive AgriMestMix (‘mest’ means dung) causes a stronger transformation and ripening process of the dung while stored, resulting in a more powerful end product.

Our method of dung treatment gives you garanteed a more qualitative and better dung.

Rinagro works in a clear and plain way and that’s being appreciated by our customers! (check our  references). Above all, Rinagro knows the conditions in which agrarian entrepreneurs have to work these days and what their wishes are. In the end it’s up to you to take the right decisions to create a durable management of the company and good soil fertility.
Rinagro challenges you by this slogan:

Get more out of manure …, with AgriMestMix!