W.S. 28 is a carefully designed mineral mixture on a natural bases. As a result, existing foaming on the manure can be temporarily suppressed by creating a different composition in the manure.

When W.S. 28 is administered together with AgriMestMix and / or Compost-O, this gives an even more powerful end result. Where AgriMestMix or Compost-O ceate a greenhouse gas reduction, W.S.28 treatment results in a reduction on the foaming of the surface.

A representative / manure specialist from Rinagro B.V. can be consulted in your region.

W.S.28: The environmentally friendly product against manure foaming

For the best effect, you must first supply Compost-O or AgriMestMix (according to instructions) in the manure pit. Then you dose 1 liter of W.S. 28 to 100 m3 manure or mix 1 liter W.S. 28 with 100 liters of water to then spray over foam with a mobile sprayer.


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