As you may be aware, we have been participating in, among others, the PIB and the DHI in Poland for some time. We are committed to sustainable agriculture in which soil health and its optimization are central.
To promote this and bring it to the attention of the Polish farmers and companies that work with them , we are present at trade fairs. This is also the case at the beginning of March, in Kielce. The AgroTech took place about 50 km from Krakow from March 8 to 10.

A beautifully organized and varied fair, but a tense atmosphere within the sector. The minister of agriculture was to open the fair, but for about a week there had also been protests from Polish farmers regarding the import and transit of cheaper Ukrainian agricultural products. This caused quite a bit of friction…
So during the fair there were police cars everywhere along the side, but the atmosphere among the visitors, the farmers and the people outside the gate was very friendly.

A great fair, good constructive conversations and interesting connections emerged from this.

As an extension of this fair, the project continues, a new location in Poland has now been connected where the project group can work the soil with its technology. As soon as there is more to report about this, you will find out via our newsletter or our social channels.