Pilot North Holland


Innovation and research in practice go hand in hand with Rinagro. For example, we were approached to attend a meeting to start pilot tests in the province of North Holland. A wide range of agricultural professionals had already met at the beginning of the summer to brainstorm how they felt and how they thought they could [...]

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Agricultural fair Assen


This spring it was still exciting how and in what form the fair in Assen would take place. Our trade fair agenda initially contained 2 dates. But in the end they joined forces and one fair was organized in Assen. From November 8 to 10, the time had come, the Assen Agricultural Fair was a fact! [...]

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Farmer’s trip to Iceland


Living from the land and the sea ( Lifað af landsins gæðum ) Theme trip 9 days (Sunday 2 to Monday 10 June 2024) Iceland is on the edge of the habitable world. Surviving in this sometimes harsh country requires courage and strength, craftsmanship, creativity, adaptability and knowledge of nature. On the other hand, the island [...]

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Conference IBBK Biogaskonferenz


  Our innovation NitriSet® has already been on a stage, literally and figuratively! Following the launch of this new product and the effect it has on the digestate , we were chosen to present NitriSet ® during the IBBK Biogaskonferenz in Schwäbisch Hall. The journey for the German-speaking northerners was a short day, about 7 hours. [...]

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RMV Hardenberg


October is always THE month of RMV Hardenberg. On October 24th, 25th and 26th it happened again. People came from far and wide to admire the achievements of mainly Dutch techniques in (dairy) livestock farming. From all kinds of milking robots to the latest technical gadgets in arable farming. Rinagro was also present again and we [...]

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Rinagro in Poland


  The PIB Soil Improvement Project in Poland was already introduced in previous reports. As this project has progressed, we have taken action. First , the AgroShow in Bednary was planned for the 4th weekend of September. The 3-day fair where people met us for the first time last year. This year we were guests here [...]

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NitriSet ®, innovation on a stage


You may have already seen the name mentioned somewhere at a trade fair or through one of our colleagues. NitriSet ®, the new product from Rinagro, was launched in the spring to provide appropriate assistance to our customers in the biogas sector. What started in Germany, for livestock farmers with their own “ Biosgasanlage ” or [...]

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And the Silver Pieper 2023 goes to… Rinagro Smart Farming !


Every year the last Thursday of September is dedicated to the Agricultural Show in Joure. This is a standard practice for almost all Frisian companies active in the agricultural sector. Whether as a visitor or as an exhibitor. A pleasant informal get-together, where conversations can include the proverbial small talk, but also legislation and regulations or [...]

And the Silver Pieper 2023 goes to… Rinagro Smart Farming !2023-12-08T20:56:25+01:00

Bluetongue, the midge is ruining the health of your animals


The knut has been terrorizing many flocks of sheep for several months . The little creature spreads disease and destruction among the sheep, in many cases resulting in the worst possible scenario, death. Where does the midge come from? Why is this animal still active and is there really nothing you can do about it? The [...]

Bluetongue, the midge is ruining the health of your animals2023-12-08T20:54:05+01:00

Staph. expel aureus with further developed Mascol technique?!


Every dairy farmer is confronted with the phenomenon of udder inflammation at some point in his life. A difficult matter, because the cow and production come under pressure at that moment… In some cases, the milk may not enter the milk tank, because of the high cell counts it can contaminate the others. Another risk is [...]

Staph. expel aureus with further developed Mascol technique?!2023-06-23T11:53:00+02:00
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