Fight Salmonella with Compost-O


A dairy farmer who used Compost-O for a number of years to mineralize his manure, at some point had to deal with a salmonella infection at his company. He studied the circumstances of the salmonella contamination and discovered that this is a bacterium that lives in anoxic conditions (anaerobic). He remembered the effect of the [...]

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Circular agricultural economics is necessary


Be Sustainable! (Doe maar Duurzaam), a tv-program at RTL 7 (NL) The world economy is at a turning point: The Paris climate summit, reducing greenhouse gases, sustainability and the reusing of waste, etc. etc. In other words: thinking and acting in a circular manner becomes a necessity! This also applies to circular agriculture. [...]

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The influence of Agri-Mest on the parts of manure and grass


Introduction This inquiry has been made within the scope of  a graduation assignment of the study programme : Animal and Dairy- farming at the Van Hall institute in Leeuwarden (The Netherlands). The inquiry is made by order of : Rinagro BV in Piaam (The Netherlands). Results of the test The manure treated with Agri-mest contains [...]

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High Agricultural output thanks to Secret Weapon


Astonishing growth of Grass Dairy farmer Auke Stremler has his own ideas about soil’s fertility. Instead of chemical fertilizer, he would like to have the opportunity to spread more manure on his land. Out of his grassland in Jorwert, The Netherlands, he is able to get five high-quality cuts per year. His secret weapon is a [...]

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Getting everything to “come loose” in slurry pits using Agri


The pig farm of the Hendriks company in Heerde (Gelderland) had problems with emptying the manure cellars by segregation. In January 2004, they started using AgriMestMix, a product to improve the slurry.  Mr Hendriks explains: ”Following the manufacturer’s recommendations, we first applied an AgriMestMix overdose, adjusted for the amount of manure that was present in the [...]

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Over 50% less nitrogen added, thanks to slurry treatment


The Heida dairy cattle company in Mildam (near Heerenveen) has used liquid manure treatment since 1998.  As a result Mr Nanne Heida has been able to limit the use of fertiliser on pastures considerably: he used to apply the equivalent of about 200kg pure nitrogen per hectare, but now applies the equivalent of just 95kg pure nitrogen per [...]

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Better nitrogen-releasing capabilities thanks to Agri-mest


Better nitrogen-releasing capabilities thanks to slurry improvement using AgriMestMix - Striking practical results with AgriMestMix in arable farming in Friesland - Slurry improvement techniques have been used at the mixed farm of L. and S. Anema in Achlum and Arum in Friesland (NL) for about five years now. A fertilisation survey by BLGG showed a significant increase [...]

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Arable farmers believe treated liquid manure has advantages


When you use AgriMestMix, results from the past are a guarantee for the future! Some agriculturalists have adopted this philosophy and believe that using treated liquid manure for their organic fertilisation provides advantages. This particularly applies to the extra nitrogen-releasing capacity of treated liquid manure. At RINAGRO we try to ‘link’ such companies to cattle farmers/pig farmers who [...]

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‘I spread 300 kilos less CAN’


Once a week, Piet van Bezooyen pours a can of additive into the small slurry pit. The pit is located at the end of the solid floor of the cubicle stalls, which have been in use since 2007. The watering can contains 1 litre of AgriMestMix dissolved in water. AgriMestMix is produced by Rinagro in Piaam (Friesland, NL). [...]

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