The PIB Soil Improvement Project in Poland was already introduced in previous reports. As this project has progressed, we have taken action. First , the AgroShow in Bednary was planned for the 4th weekend of September. The 3-day fair where people met us for the first time last year.
This year we were guests here again and this time with an open-air stand. 3 wonderful days with a nice progression and serious interest. But in addition to customer contact, an equally important conversation was also planned. A time was planned to give substance to the demonstration project at 2 locations in Poland. Starting with one in the potatoes. The second will involve onion cultivation, but will only start later.
The catch crops for potato cultivation had already been sown and would be processed within a few months. This turned out to be early November. AgriMestMix® is used for optimal mineralization and fixation of the nutrients contained therein.

We will keep you informed about the progress. However, if you have any questions in the meantime, or if you have acquaintances in Poland who are interested in the application for the company, please feel free to contact us!