When you use AgriMestMix, results from the past are a guarantee for the future!

Some agriculturalists have adopted this philosophy and believe that using treated liquid manure for their organic fertilisation provides advantages. This particularly applies to the extra nitrogen-releasing capacity of treated liquid manure.
At RINAGRO we try to ‘link’ such companies to cattle farmers/pig farmers who use AgriMestMix. In the first instance, the argument for the cattle farmer for applying AgriMestMix is that he gets more homogenous manure. Of course, the stall environment (less ammonia) is an important factor too.
If you would like to contact an arable farmer/cattle farmer/pig farmer so that you both can benefit from the advantages of AgriMestMix, please let us know:
info@rinagro.nl or tel.+31 (0)515-232724