Be Sustainable! (Doe maar Duurzaam), a tv-program at RTL 7 (NL)

The world economy is at a turning point: The Paris climate summit, reducing greenhouse gases, sustainability and the reusing of waste, etc. etc. In other words: thinking and acting in a circular manner becomes a necessity! This also applies to circular agriculture. Rinagro Smart Farming is engaged in the development of products and installations that contribute to these sustainable recycling processes. Dairy farmer Wilbert Eppinga and microbiologist Gijs Jansen are present in the tv-program “Doe Maar Duurzaam”! to speak about these developments.

Everything about the latest innovations to contribute to the circular agricultural economy can be seen on the 28th of February in the theme-edition ‘Agriculture’ of “Doe Maar Duurzaam”! This is an informative tv-program about various developments and innovations within the sustainability sector. This can vary from Energy to Sustainable Business and from Environment to Construction. “Doe maar duurzaam”! gives an insight of various sustainability aspects to make people aware of the sustainable possibilities within every aspect of daily life.