Last year we already informed you about the start of the project in North Holland. The planning for the small test setup was delayed due to circumstances. However, this did not stop the project group from immediately taking action and making plans on how this should be handled.

The entire small-scale trial has been combined in one location and is being closely monitored. In this experimental design, reality is imitated as closely as possible by regularly adding new manure. In addition, a baseline measurement has been taken to compare the entertainment material, after which another measurement will be taken halfway through. Finally, there will be a final measurement, after which all parties will give a presentation about what they have done and what has become visible in the measurements.

Based on the test, the measurements and the results, a follow-up will be determined and coordinated with the participants. Since the trial is still ongoing, there are no results or plans that we can share with you yet.

We will keep you informed. Or feel free to ask your contact person!