A naturally balanced anti-inflammatory mineral blend with herbal extracts and oil. Activates the body’s own defenses, by changing the anaerobe environment into an aerobe environment.

Biologically curing E. coli and mastitis

Never again you have to throw away milk from untreated stable quarters.

Mastitis is a very unpleasant inflammation. Apply Mascol to cure the mastitis rapidly.
Mascol suppresses the development of the inflammation and thus prevents the excretion of toxins (E. coli) in the cows system.
Treated stable quarters recover completely and can get back to full production. It also makes the cow less sick, she immediately starts eating again.
This prevents a production dip. Mascol can be applied in addition to any pain relief medication and helps her to get back on top again.

Prevent excessive use of antibiotics

To lower a high cell count

Mascol reduces a high cell count. Various farmers confirm this experience. Especially farmers with milking robots who are warned in an early stage, and immediately start the treatment, see a clear reduction of the cell count.

  • Gives a boost to the animal’s own body defense.
  • Suppresses an upcoming inflammation.
  • With zero waiting time and no loss off milk from the other quarters.
  • Contributes to reducing the use of antibiotics.
  • No vet recipe required.
  • Also useable in dry cow treatment!


Do you also want to prevent mastitis?

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