Last spring (May 2023), our colleague Wouter and Mr. Joustra attended the interim experiences of Wageningen University (WUR) with regard to composting through a digital meeting. The compost that was created was analyzed, spread and the results were again reported.

Shortly after the meeting, an interim report on the composting tests was published, which can be read in full under this link .

What is interesting and/or relevant about this when it comes to Rinagro news?! Well, our colleague Wouter has gone through the entire interim report, which was quite a thick pill, and it is not even the final report yet… Just imagine what kind of book will follow!
Compost-O® also appeared in this report as a composting application and was therefore also investigated. Some things that are important to note here is that this showed that with regard to the efficient use of the nutrients; boron and magnesium became available for the plants. Unlike other applications.

Of great importance for plant growth and even more so for plant development. Another released nutrient that has a very serious influence on root growth is the release of phosphates and making them available to the plant. The research shows that other products/composting methods are not or hardly able to release phosphates, while Compost-O®, regardless of the acidity, releases enough phosphates for the plant under all circumstances.

Another point that was discussed was nitrogen utilization. Because Compost-O® is able to mineralize and retain nitrogen, more can be retained in the biomass. It does not wash out if the plant does not need it. Not in summer or winter, so not even with heavy rainfall and high water levels. This is the result of changing the microbiology in the biomass, which then continues into the soil via the fertilized mass.

The application of AgriMestMix® and Compost-O® ensures that emissions in the total cycle are reduced on a natural basis and leaching can be prevented.

Moreover, these advantages are present both at the stable and at the country level

For a more extensive overview, see the entire report:

The final final report will apparently be published in 2025. We will keep you informed!