Stormy, that is the key word we can use for this edition of the Landwirtschaftsmesse in Aurich…
In the last week of January, the wind raged over the tent, causing the tent to flap on its surface. A small winter storm came over Aurich exactly during the fair week. A disadvantage for the stock market? Certainly not, the atmosphere of the whole was not negatively affected at all. It would even have increased the bonding and fun among each other!

As we have come to expect from Aurich, it was neatly set up and organised. A good fair with a variety of exhibitors and visitors, it was just busy! So despite the stormy weather we had three wonderful days.
Adjusting the fair times, no longer an evening fair on Fridays, was well thought out by the organization, so that anyone who could/wanted to drive home on Fridays could do so.

Our thanks go out to the good organization!