Our well-respected colleague Pé Schuiringa was officially allowed to retire in the Netherlands at the end of November.
His customers in Groningen have already noticed this through the follow-up of Wouter Zoer, our colleague who you can encounter in Groningen and certain corners of Friesland. Together with Pé, Wouter has been visiting customers piece by piece since August to transfer them.
But in addition to Pé’s activities in the Netherlands, he is also often on the road in Germany. Pé visited these customers until the end of April and the beginning of May, and from that moment on he could really enjoy his retirement…

You may be thinking, but who should visit those customers?! In the above message we introduced you to Mr. Hinrich Ufkes, our new colleague. Together with Pé, he has been on the road since the beginning of March to take over the customers and make the transfer process as smooth as possible for the German customer base. For example, both regions where Pé was active have been divided among new colleagues, because each one is supplied and advised in the best possible way.

Pé, thank you very much for your efforts, your positive outlook, your creativity and the enormous knowledge you have built up and wanted to share with everyone. Enjoy your well-deserved retirement!