Our innovation NitriSet® has already been on a stage, literally and figuratively! Following the launch of this new product and the effect it has on the digestate , we were chosen to present NitriSet ® during the IBBK Biogaskonferenz in Schwäbisch Hall.

The journey for the German-speaking northerners was a short day, about 7 hours. So a day in advance, 2 of our colleagues traveled to this beautiful old region, partly to set up a small stand at the ‘ Fachausstellung ‘, trade fair.

The conference itself was on the 7th and 8th of November People were present from all over Germany, but also from Switzerland and the Netherlands, to share their own visions and absorb the visions of others. If necessary, one could go on an excursion on the 3rd day.
What was striking was the existing vision, which in our opinion lacked consideration of the condition of the soil after the application of digestate . Apart from the remarkable statement that this would have a positive influence on the humus build-up…

We gave a presentation from our own point of view. A convergence of theory and research and practical experience with the associated developments and consequences that we have seen so far. The diseased and acidifying soil, but also the leaching problems and the cycle in which diseases are gaining more and more control, were central to this. Our critical view of the current state of functioning made some people look questionable at the beginning. However, as the presentation progressed, these looks also changed approvingly and the ‘ oh yes-so’ and nodding heads indicated that these were recognizable cases after all.

All in all, a successful conference where we built interesting bridges and made contacts.

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