Dairy farmer Jan Koopman from the North Holland Westwoud treats his manure with AgriMestMix®. A mineral mixture based on patented bacteria from Rinagro that initiates important biochemical processes in liquid manure. Organic nitrogen is converted into bound ammonium nitrogen, which is released earlier and more evenly for the crop. Whether it concerns grass or tulips that are grown on the dairy farmer’s leased land. In addition, previous research has shown that odor and ammonia emissions are prevented. In addition, there is less leaching of nitrogen into the ditch in the autumn. “Ultimately, we add value to the manure in this way,” is Koopman’s view.

The dairy farmer from Westwoud is always looking for solutions inside and outside the stable. Not everything can be expressed in a higher yield or better nutritional value, but Koopman clearly sees improvements. “We also try to get ahead of the regulations.”

AgriMestMix® stimulates the growth of micro-organisms, including bacteria, which convert organic nitrogen into ammonium nitrogen. The mineral mixture with bacteria is used as a manure improver to combat cost formation and odors and ammonia emissions, but also as a soil improver. The ammonium nitrogen in combination with the patented bacteria in treated manure ensures stronger rooting and promotes the growth of the plant.

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