Better nitrogen-releasing capabilities thanks to slurry improvement using AgriMestMix

– Striking practical results with AgriMestMix in arable farming in Friesland –

Slurry improvement techniques have been used at the mixed farm of L. and S. Anema in Achlum and Arum in Friesland (NL) for about five years now. A fertilisation survey by BLGG showed a significant increase in the ability to deliver nitrogen after AgriMestMix was used. At the end of March 2006, BLGG carried out a survey of the fertilisation used for a plot of potatoes for human consumption.
The available nitrogen stocks were 89 kg/ha and BLGG recommends adding 149kg of nitrogen per hectare. This fertilisation survey was compared with the nitrogen survey carried out on the same plot at the end of March 2001. Then there was 23 kg/ha of nitrogen available, and supplementation by 223 kg/ha was recommended. The use of AgriMestMix has therefore almost quadrupled the stocks of nitrogen in the soil, resulting in a saving on the nitrogen suppletion by 74kg of fertiliser per hectare. This can be converted into a saving in fertiliser of over €60 (excl. VAT) per hectare.

According to Mr Anema, the use of treated fertiliser has also led to improvement in the structure. Moreover, he indicates that the nitrogen is utilised better when he applies treated slurry from his own cattle farm. The nitrogen is released more gradually over the course of the growing season. This is important for the maturation of the various crops.
Using AgriMestMix makes the slurry more homogenous and therefore easier to mix. This also stimulates the breakdown of the organic materials.
At the Anema company’s farm, the arable plots are fertilised in alternate years organically with treated slurry. The company has a total of 100 ha ground under cultivation (sea clay) with an arable area of 72.5 ha (50 ha wheat, 15 ha potatoes and 7.5 ha sugar beet). The livestock head count is 75 dairy cattle and approx. 50 young animals.