Hinrich Ufkes, born in 1968 in the municipality of Großefehn in East Friesland, started his career in 1985 with an apprenticeship as a farmer, followed by final vocational training to become a recognized farmer in Aurich. He worked as a business assistant in various companies, but eventually an expansion of his family and marriage brought him to the construction industry, where he could earn more money. After successfully retraining as a mason, he worked in this field for several years, until he eventually became self-employed in the construction and installation of carports, patio covers, etc.

After a few years, his past in agriculture caught up with him again and he worked in field service and administration at a company in Wittmund, where he headed the cattle razor, concrete roughening and concrete grinding departments. Since 2021, he has organized several regional agricultural fairs in Germany, including the successful fair in Aurich/Tannenhausen.

We at Rinagro are therefore pleased that we have been able to welcome Hinrich as a technical advisor for our products in Northwest Germany from March 1 of this year.