You may have already seen the name mentioned somewhere at a trade fair or through one of our colleagues. NitriSet ®, the new product from Rinagro, was launched in the spring to provide appropriate assistance to our customers in the biogas sector. What started in Germany, for livestock farmers with their own “ Biosgasanlage ” or arable farmers who received the digestate through these installations , also appears to be increasingly relevant for Dutch farmers.

Why treat digestate ? “If I remove 1 m³, the gas is removed and I get 1 m³ back, isn’t that still good fertilizer for the land?” Treating digestate is certainly a useful matter. The fermentation process that is stimulated removes the energy from the manure, i.e. the organic part. What remains is a mixture with volatile nitrogen forms; a surplus of fast nitrogen leads to inefficient growth and some volatilization and leaching. In addition, digestate has such an oxygen-poor climate that pathogens can easily settle and grow in it. A low-oxygen culture itself already causes acidification, but in this more extreme form an acidic product is also applied to/into the soil. This already acidifies the soil, after which the anaerobic bacteria will do this again.
Both the acidic/oxygen-poor and the disease-causing environment on the land causes soil health and soil life to collapse. The consequences of this are considerable.

Such examples in the Netherlands, Germany and Denmark have given us insight into this. And due to the rise of digesters in the Netherlands and Poland at the moment, and the existence of large numbers in Germany and Denmark, we have decided to lend a helping hand here.

With the launch of our technology specialized for biogas, we were also invited to participate in the Biogas Konferenz in Schwäbisch Hall. We were selected for presenting our technology and sharing our experience and knowledge. The Biogas Conference took place on November 7 and 8, where around 100 specialists, doctors and biogas owners filled the room. The recognition of the situation was evident from the looks and nodding heads, a new insight and it was much appreciated.
Mutual connections have been made and new developments may start here in the short term! We will keep you informed.