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Patent for AgriMestMix

In July 2014 Rinagro received a patent for their product AgriMestMix. Independent research from Buro Blauw revealed that adding the product in manure, consisting out of minerals, the ammonia in manure decreased with 35%. Also the methane emission decreased with 19%
Fair paper Agrarische Schouw 2014
AgriMestMix stimulates biochemical processes in manure which results in the growth of important micro-organisms: the organic nitrogen bacterially converts into ammonia nitrogen. The nitrogen reliefs for the crops earlier and more evenly and works therefore more effective.
The company from Piaam, the Netherlands, already claimed that AgriMestMix improves the quality of manure and a decrease of emmisions, but now patent research proved that there is a significant reduction of methane and ammonia. CEO Rinze Joustra is happy with the received patent and believes that the patent will provide a foundation for farmers to improve their business model. Joustra argues that AgriMestMix will decrease the use of (chemical) fertilisers and an improvement in quality of grass.

AgriMestMix contributes to lower methane, ammonia and nitrous oxide emissions

Higher Revenues with lower Emissions

From scientific research of Buro Blauw, it is proved that using AgriMest in manure the ammonia in manure reduces on average with 26% and methane with an average of 20%. Buro Blauw is an independent enigneeringcompany with over 25 years of experience in measuring Air quality. The Dutch Accreditation Council has granted Buro Blauw B.V. the accreditation for the implementation of various operations by the metering service in accordance with NEN-EN-ISO/IEC 17025 (nl).

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